Category: A Word from the Investment Department

by Sean Guldi, CFP® It’s that time of year again – Open Enrollment Season. Many of you work for larger companies who provide cafeteria-style plans with a plethora of options. Some of you may be self-employed individuals finishing up your tax filings on extension and reviewing insurance options for the coming year. Those of you […]

It is no secret that college students today are graduating with unprecedented levels of student loan debt. According to Forbes, the total student loan debt currently sits at just over $1.3 trillion, with the average student from the Class of 2016 holding $37,172 of that debt. With no clear signs of tuition rates stabilizing in […]

Safeguarding Clients

July 18th, 2017 by B&C Financial Advisors

At B&C Financial Advisors, protecting our clients from fraudulent activity is one of our top priorities. In today’s world, scammers and cyber thieves seem to lurk around every corner, so we take our clients’ security very seriously. We highly encourage clients to call us or visit our office (if possible) when placing a distribution request […]

by Sean Guldi, CFP® According to the Pew Research Center, over the next 15 years roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers turn age 65 every day. This may not mean retirement for all of them, but the largest demographic cohort in our country will be a driving force that increases the need for Retirement Planning. Many of […]

Many companies as part of their retirement plan options allow for employees to buy company stock, whether through their 401(k) plan, and Employee Stock Options Plan (ESOP), stock options, Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), or through restricted stock units (RSUs). While this can be an attractive way to “invest in what you know” there are […]