Clients for a Cause: Field of Dreams

Baseball – America’s favorite pastime. Every spring, thousands of kids across the United States don uniforms and play in baseball leagues across the country. It is a time-honored tradition, and one that many families look forward to year after year.

Larry and Gail Slocum, longtime B&C clients, weren’t sure if their grandsons would ever be able to share in this tradition. Their grandsons Dominick and Devan have special needs, meaning that it is difficult for both boys to take part in team sports. However, all of that has changed with Field of Dreams.

Field of Dreams is a baseball field located in St. Johns County. Its special design allows children with mental and/or physical handicaps to play baseball as part of a team. Thanks to donations from the community and the time and efforts of volunteers, FOD provides free uniforms, equipment, and a chance for all kids to play baseball.

For the Slocums and their grandchildren, being involved with Field of Dreams has truly been a dream come true. Larry adds, “We enjoy seeing them so excited to be able to participate. Field of Dreams is an amazing program in that it is totally support by individuals that donate their time helping special needs children have an experience that otherwise they would not enjoy.”

To learn more about Field of Dreams and how you can get involved, visit www.fodbaseball.com.