Our Story

Our Story

Jan Butensky

Co-Founder Jan Butensky

Allan A. Cohen, CPA, CFP

Co-Founder Allan Cohen


In the early 1990s, co-founders Jan Butensky and Allan Cohen were working together at a large securities firm, managing their clients’ money by selling them financial products, earning a commission on each sale. They decided there was a better way to take care of people’s money. To them, selling people products just to earn commissions held too many conflicts of interest. They knew the key to clients’ (and their own) success was to have a common goal. In order to define that common goal, Jan and Allan established our firm, B&C Financial Advisors—or “B&C,” for short—in 1995.

The first step was to reduce the number of potential conflicts of interest. We did away with the traditional commission model in favor of a fully independent, fee-only model instead. This model aligned our clients’ goals with our own—our compensation would grow if we grew our clients’ money. We committed ourselves to “doing things differently” by helping our clients invest in a good night’s sleep.


Once we made the decision to be independent and fee-only, we created a client service model focused on the following:

  • All financial products being sold were made up of essentially the same two components (stocks and bonds), so we decided to only use individual stocks and bonds to create the perfect customized portfolio for each of our clients.
  • We developed a plan that called for a regular review of each client’s customized plan to make certain the plan continued to reflect and drive toward the individual client’s needs and desires.
  • Our business model ensured our contact with our clients would NOT be to sell another product and earn another commission. Instead, six times a year we perform a written review of every client’s account to make sure the client’s customized plan continues to meet the client’s goals.
  • We believed our uniquely disciplined approach, with fewer conflicts of interest, would ultimately yield the results our clients deserved in retirement after years of hard work.


Through the years, we have built a strong client service model by exercising financial discipline over our clients’ accounts to preserve and grow their capital. Our approach to personalized investment management is unique—our clients know what they own and can speak with their money managers directly to discuss not only their investments but also their overall plan. Through good and bad markets, we have given our clients peace of mind, knowing their wealth is in capable hands.

Our many years of experience mean we understand the key to a good financial plan is to make sure our clients’ assets are properly managed. We help all of our clients, at every stage of their lives, to make sure they know how they stand financially and what they will need to do in the future to meet their goals. It’s not a one-step solution but an ongoing dialogue that constantly changes, because our lives and circumstances constantly change as well.

Invest in a Good Night’s Sleep by allowing us to help you meet your financial goals.