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Safeguarding Clients

At B&C Financial Advisors, protecting our clients from fraudulent activity is one of our top priorities. In today’s world, scammers and cyber thieves seem to lurk around every corner, so we take our clients’ security very seriously.

We highly encourage clients to call us or visit our office (if possible) when placing a distribution request or making any changes to their accounts. When making these requests through email, we take additional steps to ensure that this is a legitimate request. Getting verbal confirmation from the client is key to guarantee that we are not fulfilling a fraudulent request that could harm a client’s financial security. If we are unable to speak with the client, we will not process the request and will inform the client via email that we will not be able to carry out their request until we receive verbal confirmation.

Additionally, if a distribution request differs from previous client requests, such as a different bank account number, significantly larger payment amounts or changing beneficiaries, we will add an extra layer of security by asking the client personal questions that we have on file.

B&C believes in doing all we can to protect our clients from fraud and appreciates our clients’ cooperation in this endeavor. Please make sure that you let us know if any contact information has changed, including phone numbers and email addresses. We are always available to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your account(s) and/or taking additional steps to safeguard your finances.

We encourage our clients to set up a time to visit our office or call us at (904) 273-9850 or toll-free at (800) 893-2324 with any distribution requests, account changes or questions concerning your account(s).