Sean Guldi, Certified Financial Planner™

We would like to congratulate Sean Guldi, Director of Investment Management, on passing all of the requirements and examinations necessary to officially become a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional. Sean has been working towards this goal since he joined the firm in 2013. He joins Allan Cohen, CFP®, and Adam Oerther, CFP® as the firm’s third CFP® professional. B&C Financial Advisors is committed to providing clients with excellent financial planning advice and the CFP® certification requirements ensure that we are well-equipped to handle all of our clients’ needs.

The CFP® certification is recognized as the highest standard of personal financial and retirement planning and demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the subject. Having the certification allows the CFP® practitioner to stand out in the industry and communicate a high level of expertise and credibility to clients and prospects. Included in the curriculum for the program are topics such as insurance, investment planning, retirement planning, professional conduct, fiduciary responsibility, and more.