Thomas Ellis’ Panama Roots

Thomas Ellis, B&C’s Wealth Advisor, has been a Jacksonville Beach resident since 1994. While he loves living in Jacksonville, he also calls Panama home, a country nearly 1,500 miles and half a continent away.

Thomas grew up in the former Panama Canal Zone where his family owned a construction company and worked for the Panama Canal Commission. He moved to Jacksonville to attend the University of North Florida, and ended up settling down in Jacksonville Beach with his wife Alana and their young two boys. While it is hard to travel with two small children, Thomas and Alana still try to visit Panama as often as they can.

This August, Thomas was able to take a trip to a remote area of Panama called Bocas del Toro to attend a friend’s wedding. During his time spent on this beautiful archipelago island chain off the Caribbean coast, Thomas was able to spend time with old friends and make new memories while celebrating una boda especial (a special wedding).

For anyone who has an interest in visiting Panama, Thomas encourages you to go! While he enjoys seeing friends and visiting his old stomping grounds, Thomas says that going to the Panama Canal is a must-see for first time visitors. He adds, “Going to the locks and watching the ships transit is a wonder of the world and a great experience.”

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