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Why Everyone Needs a Financial Plan

Many people think having a financial plan is only for the wealthy; however, wealth is not defined by dollars alone.  Your children and home can also be considered wealth. To help protect them, you need good planning. If you have trouble with budgeting and saving for retirement, you could benefit from speaking with someone who is a Certified Financial Planner®. There are many life events for which we all need to plan. If you or your partner were to pass away unexpectedly, are you prepared for the financial strain it may cause? Are you hopeful your children will attend college but are not sure if you can afford to save for it? Do you know if you are utilizing an employer’s benefits properly?

These are all questions for which a person should have answers. If you do not know the answer or have not prepared and do not know what direction to take, then you would benefit from having a financial plan. Some plans are more in-depth than others. It all depends on your specific needs. At B&C Financial Advisors, you can meet with a Certified Financial Planner® and find out what makes the most sense for you.

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