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When you’re watching your favorite financial guru on TV and he says “the markets are up” you are happy. But when he tells you the markets are down you are not so happy. These may be normal reactions for some people, but when you know your goals and have established your strategy, you can turn off the TV and handle the market volatility without all the emotional uncertainty. (more…)

In a previous post, we discussed how to diversify one’s assets in equities.  B&C Financial uses a top down approach to invest in companies across many different industries, which gives you a small amount of exposure in each of those industries to ultimately achieve proper diversification. Now we will discuss how to diversify your assets in fixed income.


Diversification, it is a term we often hear thrown about to explain how one can properly protect their investments.  How many times have you heard someone say “I don’t want to keep too many eggs in one basket”?  What they are talking about is being diversified.  Many people feel if they invest their money with different investment companies or own different mutual funds they are diversifying their investments, but is this a true assumption?  Most likely it is not. (more…)