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Rolling Out New Reporting in 2015

One of the most important aspects of our client-focused approach to investment management is ensuring our clients understand what they own, and reports are the bedrock of this understanding. B&C Financial is proud to announce we are working with Black Diamond, a subsidiary of Advent Software, our current reporting vendor, to provide updated reporting for our clients and greater flexibility in delivering those reports. In addition to reports, we will have a new website portal for portfolio reporting for our clients. We expect the rollout of these exciting new enhancements in early 2015.

The new reports will be easy to read, just like our current reports. Clients who now receive paper reports will continue to receive them. But, those clients who are paperless will have online access to your reports via a web portal through Black Diamond. This portal will allow you to access not only your B&C Quarterly Report, but also daily reporting of account values. The most exciting aspect of these changes is this portal will allow us to upload documents to you that you can download, edit and sign, then easily upload them back to the portal for us to access. This will greatly improve the digital security of client-related electronic correspondence, while simplifying and streamlining the paperwork for your accounts.