Tax Planning for 2018

January 18th, 2018 by B&C Financial Advisors

by Sean Guldi, CFP® It is all over the news – Congress and the Trump administration are busy attempting to enact a large-scale overhaul of the tax code. Uncertainty abounds with respect to the details, and there is still a chance the overhaul does not make its way through both the House and the Senate […]

by Adam Oerther, CFP® If you watch or read the news on an even semi-regular basis, chances are you have come across the term Bitcoin at least once or twice. Considering the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed this year, with the year-to-date return at over 1000% as of December 8th, it’s no wonder the mass […]

by Adam Oerther, CFP® When people find out someone works in investments, that person receives a number of reactions: “So, when is the next correction coming?” “Which stocks should I buy right now?” “How will [some political situation] affect the stock market?” These questions are interesting, not because they are silly or unreasonable (who wouldn’t […]

by Sean Guldi, CFP® We hope everyone has weathered Hurricane Irma and made it through with minimal impact. As you evaluate any damage you may have, please keep in mind the following: – Make sure to document everything via pictures/video, prepare a list of all contents of your home that were damaged. – Notify your […]

by Adam Oerther, CFP® No matter your political leanings, paying taxes is a fact of life and an integral part of modern society. However, the federal government recognizes many different tax-advantaged strategies that lower your tax bill when the time to file comes around each year. This article will focus on a few of the […]