B&C Financial Advisors

B&C Goes Golfing with NFJG

Over the summer, B&C sponsored two junior golf tournaments put on by the North Florida Junior Golf (NFJG) Foundation. The first was the Jax Beach Junior Open on June 18th at Jax Beach Golf Club, and the other was the NFJG Tour Pro-Junior on June 26th at The Golf Club of South Hampton.

B&C has been a proud sponsor of the NFJG for three years and faithfully supports the foundation’s core values, which are stated on their website:

“The values governing NFJGF will be to operate the organization and impact young people with integrity, honesty and fairness. We will promote the values of self-esteem and pride in our events, with our members, among each other and the community. Our decisions will be made with an objective, fact-based thought process. We will work together to nurture independent thinking which fosters taking responsibility for your actions.”

In addition to being a sponsor of the tournaments, Investment Manager Adam Oerther enjoys volunteering for various other tournaments held by the NFJG. “As someone who has recently focused on improving his golf game, it’s really fun seeing how well these kids play the game—some of them are already better than I might ever be! More importantly, it’s great to see them exemplify the values of the organization, certainly a reflection of the positive and developmental culture the NFJG promotes.”